About us

Pet Nurse Services Wigan is dedicated to delivering quality pet care in the comfort of your own home. We are a dedicated team of qualified and experienced vets & nurses, with a passion for animal care.

With a primary focus on preventative care, we are a fully fledged veterinary practice, the only difference being that we come to you.

Our team are all fully qualified, fully insured and registered with RCVS. With decades of experience and a passion for delivering the highest standards of veterinary care.

Our service offers convenience and comfort, as our mobile team have consultations in your own home. This is where your pet is calmest and most comfortable, allowing us to deal with and assess pets on their own terms and without the stress.

We are particularly popular with owners of nervous or vulnerable pets, and visit a lot of rescue dogs. Elderly or vulnerable pet owners, or people with difficulty travelling also find great advantages in our services.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet.

About Pet Nurse Services Wigan
Pet care in your own home

The story behind our Pet Nurse Services

Pet Nurse Services Wigan was born largely out of the Covid pandemic. As veterinary practices fought to remain open for emergency services, a lot of routine and preventative medicine was sadly missed.

An increased willingness for pet care to be given in a home setting was obvious, and we discovered there was a huge unseen demand from pet owners who are themselves elderly or vulnerable.

We can't offer the full range of veterinary medical care in a home setting even with qualified veterinary surgeons, but there is a whole range of health treatments and preventative care which can be done at home, and in most cases is actually better received in a home setting.

We have been serving the Wigan area since 2021, and have been warmly welcomed by both pets and pet owners.

Pet Nurse Services Mission

Our core mission at Pet Nurse Services

Our core mission is to deliver effective, preventative health care to our clients pets. We aim to minimise health risks, spot problems early, and deliver comfortable, stress-free care in the pet's home environment.

We are champions of the under-dog and the overlooked. We see a lot of elderly and vulnerable pets and pet owners to whom a trip to a veterinary practice is not so much a walk in the park.

We are animal lovers, with a passion for animal care and believe that personal veterinary services in the home is a key part of keeping the pets of Wigan happy and healthy.

Our values



Trust is the backbone of what we do. We ask you, our clients, to trust us with your pets health, and that is no small thing. We ask your pets to trust us when we administer that care. We return that trust by promising always to always listen (to both you and your pets), and give nothing but honest advice and premium quality care.



As veterinary professionals, we have pride in what we do and the standards we maintain. All our team are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience in multiple veterinary practices over many years. Honesty with our clients is essential, even if sometimes that means telling harder truths.

Quality Assured


We deliver the highest standards of pet care. We might not be able to offer the full range of medical services that you get from a veterinary practice, but visiting pets in their own home allows us to get better insights and see things others might miss. By visiting pets in their home environment, we can offer a better, more tailored, solution and unrivalled preventative health care.



We believe the bond between pet and pet owner is as beautiful and pure as love comes. We understand that the relationship is two-way, and ensure we take the time to consider the pet's and the pet owner's needs, and deliver advice to help both maximise the bond and the time you have together. We love our clients, we love your pets, and we love our job!

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