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Dietary Advice & Food Delivery

Diet and nutrition consultations with FREE food delivery service.

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About the service

Diet and nutrition consultations tailored to your needs with FREE food delivery service.

In the UK alone, it's estimated that 40% of dogs and 53% of cats are overweight or obese. This can lead to a multitude of health issues over your pet's life, and in many cases significantly shorten the valuable time we have with our pets. Prevention is better than the cure, and our nurses and consultations are focussed on preventative health care.

Our nurses are trained and qualified to give professional dietary and exercise advice. We look at the breed, diet, exercise, environment and behavioural considerations. We don't just advise what food is best, but we can help with behavioural advice and products which can help. Knowing the best diet and exercise plan is the best way to ensure not only that your vet bills are kept lower in the long-run, but more importantly, that your pet lives a happy and healthy life to the fullest.

We also offer a free food delivery service for our clients. Not only will you know your pet is getting the right nutrition, but that will be supported by sound advice and the convenience of home delivery.

Pet diet and nutrition consultations

What's included?

Diet and nutrition clinics include -

● Body Condition Scoring - this is the most accurate way to assess your pets weight. Pets are all different shapes and sizes, and breeds vary, so, pet nutrition companies use this unique way of assessing an animal's weight, not by weighing, but by using a body scoring chart. This chart will be used to assess your pets size and shape and shows you their ideal score and how to score yourself!
● Weighing and measurements and record chart.
● Diet and nutrition advice - answering all your questions on feeding and meeting your pets nutritional requirements depending on age, breed and lifestyle.
● Diet plan, exercise plan and feeding plan for pets needing to lose a few pounds, maintain weight or even to gain weight.
● Advice on changing your pets food and advice on fussy and greedy pets
● Food ordering and delivery service - next day delivery available on weekdays.
● FREE goody bag with all initial consultations.

I have a puppy/kitten and I am unsure what to feed?

This is a complicated question with many variables. The internet is full of conflicting (and often wrong) information. Getting the diet right with a puppy or kitten can set you up for success (and less sloppy poos to clean up!).

Do I need to have a face-to-face appointment for diet advice?

Not at all, we offer video or phone consultations for general diet advice. We do recommend a face-to-face consultation to fully assess, weigh and body condition score your pet and then enrol them onto a weight management programme. Don’t forget, your pet will get a FREE goody bag with their first visit.

I want to change my pets' food, where do I start?

If you would like a consultation to discuss the best available diets for your pet, then contact us on the details below. If you are switching your pets food, this needs to be done gradually over a period of 7 days to avoid stomach upsets - please check out my blog on feeding and diet changing.

How does the food delivery work?

We can reccomend food types and quantity, and can deliver food directly to your door. Delivery is free to clients.

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Give us a few details, and one of our nurse team will be in touch to take some details and schedule a visit.

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