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Ultrasound Oral Clean for Dogs (Emmi Pet)

Ultrasonic Oral Care Clinics for Dogs

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Just like with humans, your dog's oral care is important for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. Also, just like humans, preventative care means regular cleaning and care.

While brushing a dog's teeth with a conventional toothbrush is possible, most dogs don’t enjoy the process. There are ranges of chews and diet decisions which can help, but regular cleaning is often missed until plaque builds up to the point of needing a dental at a local veterinary practice. This can be costly and stressful and usually involves general anaesthetic.

So, how do we keep our dog's teeth clean when normal toothbrushes aren’t an option? That is where Emmi-pet brushes come in. Emmi-pet is an ultrasonic toothbrush with patented technology, using high frequency ultrasound waves to reduce plaque & tartar, heal and maintain gum health and can help to prevent dental disease and deterioration.

The toothbrush is silent, non-vibration, non-invasive treatment for oral hygiene. The brush isn’t moved back and forth like a regular toothbrush, but is instead placed and held on the tooth using ultrasound to clean away the plaque.

Our nursing team provide Oral Care Clinics, where they can provide regular ultrasonic cleaning sessions with your pet in the comfort of your own home. Our nurses will also offer dietary advice, tips on feeding and chews/toys which can help improve your dog's oral hygiene.

A truly stress-free solution, that requires no anaesthetic.

What's included?

One of our nurses will visit you in your own home, where your dog is most comfortable and relaxed.

We will check your dog's teeth for signs of anything serious, and if there are signs of any significant problems we would refer to one of our vets.

Our nurse will clean your pet's teeth with the Emmi-Pet brush, and come up with a cleaning plan & schedule based on your pet's needs.

Consultations are for any species and breed, and include:

  • Cleaning your dog's teeth using the Emmi-Pet brush
  • Creating cleaning schedule (based on your dogs needs)

Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs. We offer other consultations with Veterinary Nurses which cover a wide range of treatments, including:

  • General wellness checks with a Health & Wellbeing MOT
  • Dietary and food advice, both for healthy animals and young/elderly, or those with medical conditions
  • Microchipping information and implantation.
  • Clean ears, or nail clips as part of our hygiene & welfare grooming consultations
  • Administration of immunotherapy vaccines.
  • Administration of second

Is this the same as getting a dental at the vets?

No. Dentals are done at veterinary practices when the problem has become significant enough to require more serious intervention. This normally requires general anaesthetic, and can be stressful for both pet and owner. It is better to avoid the need for bigger dental interventions by keeping your dog’s oral hygiene in good standing.

How much are the treatments?

Please contact our team to discuss. This largely depends on how many sessions you require and how frequently.

How is this better than a regular toothbrush?

The ultrasound technology means the toothbrush doesn’t have to be moved back and forth over the tooth, but instead is simply help in place for a few seconds. There is no noise, and no movement. We use some tasty, dog-friendly toothpaste to keep your dog interested.

What is my dogs teeth are in a really bad condition?

If our nurses see anything of concern, they would recommend a consultation with one of our vets. For more serious dental problems, it might be a requirement for your dog to have general anaesthetic at a local practice. These treatments are preventative, and can clear mild to medium plaque build-up.

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Give us a few details, and one of our nurse team will be in touch to take some details and schedule a visit.

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