Firework Anxiety Tips for Cats


Tips and tricks for keeping those kitties calm during evenings like Bonfire Night and New Years Eve

• Cats by their very nature are easily spooked! Plan ahead and keep them indoors on evenings when fireworks are expected.
• Create a hiding/safe space for your cat. Cats love cardboard boxes, so why not line one with their favourite blankets and even spray with some Feliway or Pet Remedy. Valerian compound drops are also great to use on bedding as well as by mouth
• If there is somewhere high up (a sturdy shelf) then place the box there - Cats are known to feel safer high up!
• There are plenty of products which I stock that can create a calming environment for your cat, such as Feliway or Pet Remedy plug-in diffusers and sprays - remember these work best when placed where your cat spends the most time and are most effective when plugged in at least 2 weeks prior to Bonfire Night.
• Create background noise. Play music or keep the TV loud enough to mask some of the bangs.
• Close curtains but leave the lights on bright inside the house. If the lights are bright on the inside then it reduces the flash effect from the firework.
• Most importantly- YOU need to stay calm and keep your cool - Cats pick up on your anxiousness and will feel more settled if you are!

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For those of you with fancy smart home gadgets like Amazon Alexa, you can set up a routine to trigger when fireworks are heard. This could be turning the lights up slightly, or playing some relaxing background music.