Firework Anxiety Tips for Dogs


It's that time of year again with Bonfire night approaching and then New Year πŸŽ†.

However, by planning ahead of these scheduled events, you can minimise unnecessary stress and anxiety for your pets. πŸ•

Signs of anxiety to look out for in dogs

β€’ Pacing
β€’ Cowering or hiding
β€’ Trembling
β€’ Abnormal vocalisation (barking or whining)
β€’ Panting
β€’ Pacing or circling the room
β€’ Excessive yawning or lip licking
β€’ Need to stay close to their owner
β€’ Soiling the house
β€’ Refusing to eat

Top tips for dogs

βœ“ Start to walk your dogs before dusk – ensure they are back indoors before fireworks begin
βœ“ Ensure all windows and doors are shut
βœ“ Close curtains and turn on interior lights to reduce the impact of flashes
βœ“ Make a den/retreat, so your dog has somewhere they feel safe and secure
βœ“ Turn on the TV or radio to drown out the noise of fireworks
βœ“ Make tasty treats or toys available as a distraction
βœ“ Try to ignore any reactions your dog makes to the fireworks – they may see this as a sign that you are worried about the noise yourself.

Why not make a dog den/refuge ?

Make the den a few weeks before the expected fireworks to allow time for familiarisation.

β€’ Choose a room your dog is used to and preferably one you will be in during firework times
β€’ Use bedding they already have, so it has a familiar smell
β€’ A puppy crate is an ideal starting point if you have one
β€’ If you do not have a crate, an enclosed area of the room is helpful, for example, a gap between the sofa and the wall
β€’ Use blankets to cover the den to create an enclosed and darkened area
β€’ Now that you have made a safe place, you could offer food or lay a treat trail so that your dog gets used to their den and associates it with pleasurable things

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For those of you with fancy smart home gadgets like Amazon Alexa, you can set up a routine to trigger when fireworks are heard. This could be turning the lights up slightly, or playing some relaxing background music.